In todays marketplace, eyewear can be purchased on every street corner or be prescribed by the latest mobile app (that deserves its own post).  This isn't a new phenomenon but retailers, especially those that exploit foreign made products or labor, see the dollar signs.  They can utilize non-starter technology and sell you eyewear that is, well, for lack of a better term, unregulated plastic.

What matters is wearing sharp, clear eyeglasses that match your recent doctor's examination.  What matters is having high quality, well-crafted frames using industry grade materials and hardware.  And...  having it originate from places that our industry, professionals and doctors, trust! This is what Persana is all about.  We bring frame designs that are handcrafted and priced at a great value.  Your lenses are made to MATCH. By us. In the USA. Using the best lens optics.  So..  the next time you are purchasing eyewear, ask yourself, why does it take 3 or more weeks to receive my glasses?  The answer may surprise you or (maybe it won't).

We feel the same way when it comes to wanting the best value in the products we buy. Persana is providing just that, handcrafted, sharply matched eyewear at a great value. 

March 26, 2021 — darren smarch