Acuvue Oasys Max 1-Day Multifocal 30 Pack

$ 72.50

Acuvue Max 1-Day Mulitfocal:  by Vistakon.  30 Lenses per box.  Schedule: 1 day wear.  Material: 38% Senofilcon A.

ACUVUE® OASYS MAX 1-Day MULTIFOCAL unites three powerful technologies to address more presbyopic needs.

Pupil Optimized Design
For vision at all distances

  • 100% of parameters tailored to pupil size variations across age and refraction
  • Same unique optical design across all ACUVUE® Multifocal contact lenses
  • 92% of patients successfully fit with first pair at first visit and 96% successfully fit in 2 pairs of lenses or less

TearStable™ Technology
For all day comfort and consistent vision

  • Optimizes wetting agent distribution throughout the lens and on the surface
  • Prolongs tear film stability
  • Delivers 2x lower evaporation rate

OptiBlue Light Filter

For clarity in all lighting conditions

  • 60% blue-violet light filter, highest in the industry
  • Reduces light scatter
  • Reduces halos and starbursts

Additional Info:

  • Contact lens wear and replacement schedules are provided based on manufacturer guidelines for a given lens type. It is strongly recommended that you consult with your eye care practitioner to determine the correct wear and replacement best suited to your needs.

  • Daily disposable lenses are designed for single use only and should not be used beyond the one day schedule.

  • Weekly, monthly and annual replacement lenses require proper cleaning between uses. Consult with your eye care practitioner for the lens type prescribed for the correct solution type and frequency.